Get Smart!

Dear Friends in Christ,

When I was child, my friends and I used to imagine how cool it would be if we had one of those “shoe phones” which Agent 86 used in the television comedy, Get Smart. Back in the early 70’s it just seemed unbelievable that there could be a “wireless” anything!

Jump ahead to the 21st Century and it seems that “shoe phones” are so last millennium! Now that so much of the world is Get-ting a Smartphone, it seems difficult to imagine why anyone would still pay to maintain a landline phone at their home. Perhaps it still makes sense to keep a landline phone where a family or several people share the same household. But for those of us who live alone and have a mobile phone, the landline seems like an unnecessary expense.

I have been contemplating eliminating the rectory phone for a number of months. Most weeks, I only get a handful of calls at the rectory number. When I go to check the messages, most are commercial advertisements—or in this season—political ads. The rectory line also ads an extra step in the chain for those trying to reach me for emergency purposes.

In light of these reasons, I have decided to discontinue the rectory number. Instead, when you call the Parish Office after hours, you will be directed to my mobile number for emergencies. I do have the phone with me nearly all the time. However, if I am tending to a pastoral situation or in a meeting, I may not respond to calls until there is a break or I have completed the appointment. When I am away from the parish for an extended period of time, another staff member's number will be substituted for any after hour emergencies.

Please, when an emergency arises and you would like the service of a priest, don't hesitate to contact me!


Fr. Kent