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20 Homepage Callouts for your Church Website

With our attention spans getting smaller as digital communication grows, churches need to get to the point of their mission. If you’re looking for an engaging way to welcome visitors, consider these for your homepage.

St. Anthony Can Find Anything — Even You

When we lose something really important, what do we do? We make the whole household stop what they’re doing to join the search. Having St. Anthony as a friend means you ask him to stop what he’s doing to help, too.

Fear Is Not the End of the Story

St. Mark invites us to join the disciples in asking, “Who is this?” For Mark, Jesus is the embodiment of the saving work of God. Each of the miracle stories is an opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of Jesus as the one who brings God’s power and providence to human needs.

“Opening the Doors Wide”: How the Archdiocese of Detroit is Helping Parishes Reopen & Reengage

Just as parishes had to reinvent how they ministered to parishioners amid a pandemic, they are now working hard to come up with ways to bring them back.

We Can Prepare the Upper Room

The Body and Blood of Christ — that’s what it’s all about. If it’s not about that, it’s not about anything. If we don’t have the Eucharist, we’re just like the ancient priests, making sacrifices that don’t have the power to redeem anybody.

The Sure and Silent Growth of God’s Kingdom

Jesus uses the image of the seed to describe God’s Kingdom. Like a seed planted in the ground, God works in hidden ways. We cannot always understand what He is doing or why things are turning out the way they are.

Why You Need to Share Parish News Through Print & Digital Avenues

While the ways to communicate with parishioners are plentiful, your staff time, unfortunately, is not. Luckily, there are ways you can utilize the content you have to reach its maximum potential in order to get it to the people who need to hear it.

Seeing the Body of Christ

The Church offers us this Solemnity of the source and summit of our faith. It is a treasure far beyond human understanding. And yet it is a reality of Christian faith both intimately personal, and communally binding, not confined to the laws of space and time yet operates there.

God Doesn’t Take a Break

I hope it’s starting to look like summer where you are. We’ve still got a few weeks left before it’s official, but the school year should be winding up and the birds should be chirping a little louder. But thank God that He doesn’t take a break, even if we do.

4 Steps to a Great Parish eNewsletter

In addition to the weekly bulletin, many parishes today are taking it one step further and communicating with members through a digital newsletter. Here are four things to know that will make your parish newsletter worthy of reading!