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The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Prayerful

Do you think God desires a portion of you? Without a doubt, He wants all of you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Walking with Him daily is so important, and we can never become the disciples and stewards we need to be without a deepening relationship.

The Incredible Benefits of Parish Volunteers

With pastors responsible for multiple parishes, parish staff tasked with many congregations, and everyone doing more with less, volunteers are an essential part of the church. All you need is a little recruitment, an examining of their gifts, and a way to keep it all on track.

Transfiguring Our Spiritual Lives

In the Gospel account of the Transfiguration we discover how we progress in the spiritual life: by embracing adversity, by looking upon the glorified face of Christ, and by going down the mountain to proclaim what we have seen to others.

The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Mindful

What is it that tempts you the most? When you really start reflecting, you find that there are many temptations all around. Even if you are strong and never succumb to a certain temptation, it is still there waiting for a weak moment in your life.

The Importance of SEO For Parishes

Years ago, you just belonged to your neighborhood parish. Not so anymore. With so many factors at play, Catholics have more freedom than ever to find their perfect parish. Help them find yours using the best Search Engine Optimization tools available.

An Anatomy of Sin

The wisdom of the Church gives us six weeks to reflect on how we have this tendency to prefer the fleeting pleasure or power of sin over the goodness and mercy of the Father. This is where sin is a mystery to us: why, when given the choice to pursue goodness and virtue, do we instead choose pleasure and vice?

Going the Extra Mile

So often in life, people are concerned about the minimum requirements. What is the minimum I must do to get a certain grade? What is the minimum I need to do to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation? What exactly do I have to do to make my boss happy?

Preaching for the Next Generation

Writing homilies is often one of a priest’s biggest challenges — particularly as he considers preaching to the younger generations. So how can priests tailor their homilies to be more engaging, especially for the younger generation? See some tips below.

Live a Life of Mercy

God has shown that mercy is one of His greatest attributes. This mission of mercy is also given to all of His followers. It isn’t simply enough to say we want to be like Christ. Instead, a true disciple is called to be a living witness of his love and mercy to all those they encounter — whether in person, online, or in passing.

Don’t Live a Lie

Even if we feel that we have lied to no one, we may have lied to ourselves. We portray ourselves as generous, thankful, and loving people, yet fail to answer God’s call in a situation because we perceive the cost to be too great.