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The Disciple of Discipleship

What is it that you desire most? This is a powerful question that must be asked and answered if we want to avoid a haphazard, disjointed, and chaotic life. It also must be asked and answered if we claim to be a person of faith who is committed to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Caught in the Rising Action

Think of some of your favorite iconic movies. I’m not talking about the feel-good comedies or the offbeat coming-of-age flicks. I’m talking about the movies that you found had a profound impact on you or made you go “Hmmm.” I’m willing to bet that the plot of this film features some tough moments and difficult scenarios.

4 Tips to Make Your Church’s Homepage More Inviting

We hear it all the time: “When people visit our website, we want them to know that we are a welcoming and inviting community!” Our experts share 4 tips for parishes who want to create the most welcoming homepage user experience possible.

What We Store in the Barn

I once knew a godly woman who had truly tasted the bitterness of this earthly life. This woman knew pain. She knew sacrifice. She worked each day at a low-paying job, waiting patiently for her 65th birthday, when she could retire and devote herself full-time to her grandchildren. I think we all know someone like this, don’t we?

The Fire of Discipleship

The passages from Luke’s Gospel that we are hearing in this span of Ordinary Time invite us to reflect on what it means to live our faith, to put into practice what we profess. Today’s passage presents a different, even startling facet of Jesus’ teachings.

Is Your Parish Making Common Website Mistakes?

Dan Rogers from Mission by Design knows a thing or two about websites. Recently, Dan called and interviewed parishes about church websites — learning about what churches are doing, what they’re looking for, and, most importantly, how they can improve and grow.

Less Stress, More Faith

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus gives us an important example as to how we are to exercise our faith. As believers, we have an active expectation that Jesus will come again. This is the important difference between those who believe and those who do not.

When I Called, You Answered

There is something strangely sacred about the act of asking for something. It requires humility. It requires grace. It requires us to be awake, to be aware, to be vulnerable. Too often we fall into a pattern of entitlement, even when it comes to information.

Five Tips for a Better Catholic School Website

What’s the secret to creating the perfect website for a Catholic school? There are a lot of factors that can make or break a website, and so much depends on the mission and culture of each individual school. Elements like content presentation and mobile friendliness, however, are universally important. Read on to find out more […]

Be Ready for God to “Stop By”

Before text messaging and social media made us all unconditionally, mercilessly reachable, people would do this thing called “stopping by.” They would be passing by a friend’s house, maybe on the way home from work or shopping, and they would just … stop. It wasn’t an everyday occurrence, but it was common enough that you had to be ready.