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Sincerity in Prayer, Humility in Faith

Our familiarity with prayers isn’t always accompanied by a sincerity in our prayer. We rattle off words while our minds are onto the next task. Our prayer life is fragmented because our need for help has been disconnected from our belief in Jesus’ mission.

Being Human is to Doubt

Humans doubt. It’s what we do. Before any of us say anything about Peter’s doubting the words of Jesus that told him he could get out of his boat and walk on water, we need to get real with ourselves: How would I respond in the same situation?

Your Parish Needs a Responsive Website

A responsive website design is important to make your website mobile-friendly. With the way your website is designed, it should look and function similarly when viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Here are three tips to consider for a responsive website.

A Whispered Invitation

God is calling to us today, like Peter. The winds and waves may be in the form of politics, riots, and disease, the big and loud things seeking to get our attention. God is speaking in a whisper, still inviting each one of us to recognize Him amidst the trials and have just a tiny bit of faith to come to Him.

The Power of a Simple Action

You never know what will result when we give just a little of ourselves. That uncertainty too often leads us to hold back or refrain from simple actions of love or gestures of generosity. Generosity does not need to be grand to make a big difference.

Weathering Your Parish Through Any Crisis

No one could have predicted what COVID-19 would do to our parishes. But by utilizing online resources and calling on parishioners to volunteer for help, parishes have proven that Church really isn’t a place – it’s who we are as people of God

Lessons in Compassion

When we seek what Jesus is offering, we are often filled with more than we need, even finding we now have something to distribute to others. Do you trust Jesus to take your meager offerings and multiple them into blessings to fill you and to share with others?

What Is God Asking of You?

What are you willing to give for the sake of the kingdom of God? Often, we begin a discussion like this with a story or a few leading thoughts. However, if we are to be serious about who we claim to be as Christians, there should be no beating around the bush.

How Parishes Can “Reap a Harvest from Good SEEDs”

To strengthen and enliven parishes and dioceses in today’s ever-growing secular culture, we need to become harvesters of SEEDs. Tracy Earl Welliver and Fr. James Mallon tackle some important questions of how to move forward.

What Really Matters?

Things all too easily become more significant than people, individuals can all too easily become objects to use and manipulate, and our agendas become more essential than God’s. Only the wisdom that comes from God can bring light to all of our darkness.