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Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

What presently has your heart? What occupies your mind? And what are you trying to gain at perhaps the cost of your soul? How can you love God with all you have? How can we love God with all our heart surrounded by so many others whom we love?


When God chose you and me, He had all the information needed to make the choice, and He chose us anyway! I don’t know about you, but if given the chance I’m not sure I’d have chosen myself. God sees in me something that at times seems hidden to me.

The Flip Side of DIY

In order to reach members of our faith community through the static of everyday demands, we need to consider doing the work for them — here’s how.

Feet in Two Worlds

We have to keep our feet in two places. While we are of this world, we also are members of another. It is challenging to attend to our civil obligations and duties while remaining loyal to the greater truth that God is God and there is no other.

Respond with Love

Do you remember a time when you spent much time or money on a surprise or gift for someone else and they failed to appreciate it? We do open ourselves up to disappointment if our expectations do not match the response.

Does your website accurately portray your parish?

When selecting a church, many people will look at your website first to get a sense of your parish. Bad design, out-of-date information, or an unclear sense of your focus has the potential to derail any efforts to attract new members. Here are a few ways to stay on track.

Invited to the Feast

What’s at stake in this Sunday’s Gospel are the same themes of the end of time and judgment that we found in last week’s Gospel. Jesus is pulling the rug from beneath our feet. Remember, this isn’t just a nice story. Parables are intended to throw us off balance.

Gifts Given to Share

God gives us gifts every day and we too often act like those gifts will simply always be there. The truth is, unlike God Himself, many of those gifts are not eternal. If we fail to acknowledge them and put them to use, we risk losing them in the end.

The Process of Parish Reopening

Some think that many Catholics will jump back into Mass once churches reopen, while others theorize that some may never return. Wherever you are in your parish reopening plan, here are some ways to keep Mass and the Catholic faith at the forefront of your members in a safe way.

Is It the Thought That Counts?

The intentionality of our actions is important, but intentionality without action is meaningless. How we act and what we give serves as evidence of our intentions and indicates where our heart truly lies. We need to make sure our desires are moving us to act.