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The View from the Back of the Line

Have you known that person? The one who leaves every person they encounter feeling a little more blessed for having met them? We wonder how they do it, how they have it in them. We’re a little envious, even if we don’t let ourselves acknowledge it.

If All Were Prophets

Today's readings call us to examine the motives behind our actions, especially those that lead us away from God and towards sin. Not only looking at what obstacles keep us from growing spiritually but also when we are a stumbling block to the growth of other people's faith.

Tips to Using Your Parish App Well

From push notifications and group messaging, to links to daily readings and your weekly bulletin, a parish app brings a wealth of information to your parishioners. However, just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

Can You Walk the Walk?

Loving our neighbor, welcoming the stranger, feeding the poor — it all sounds fantastic, especially when we’re the ones saying it. But the doing — well, that’s a different story, isn’t it?

Who’s On First?

We run into trouble when the goals associated with our understanding of success are self-serving rather than in service of the Kingdom of God. We are conditioned into obtaining privilege and status, we forget about matters of the soul and heart.

Why You Need to Stop Featuring a Building on Your Homepage

If we want to attract people to our faith community, we need show them who makes up our congregation. Is it full of growing families, professional millennials, or active seniors? It’s time to show people “who” you’re made of — here’s how.

Owner of C&M Publications Passes Away

Chris McAdams, the co-founder of C&M Publications, a 31-year full-service printing company located in Riverside, California, passed away August 3, 2021 at the age of 66. “We are deeply saddened by the news of Chris’ passing. He and his wife Magda are amazing people who worked tirelessly in their business to help parishes flourish,” said Joe Luedtke, LPi CEO. “LPi keeps the McAdams family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Understanding Faithful Discipleship

By telling us to “take up” our cross, Jesus isn’t saying that we have to meekly submit to unfair treatment and suffering or embrace a blind, “offer it up” sort of spirituality. And, while they may be opportunities for grace, illness, sad events or even disasters aren’t “the cross.”

Choosing Deafness

I bet all of us parents who have sat through a hearing evaluation test with a preschooler — especially a particularly strong-willed one — have experienced a moment where we ask ourselves: I wonder if there’s something wrong with her hearing.

New Ideas for your Capital Campaign

From rounding up everyday purchases to asking parishioners to match a major gift dollar for dollar, here are some tangible ideas you can bring back to the planning committee for your next capital campaign.