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Give Until It Hurts

One of the characteristics of Everyday Stewardship is to be committed — to persevere daily in a way of life acknowledging that everything belongs to God. I know, I know. Easier said than done, right?

A Tranquil Soul

The tranquil soul is one free of the anxieties described by St. Paul and the unclean spirits described in the Gospel. But this tranquility of soul is not a cheap quality; it must be earned through daily disciplines of prayer, fasting, and repentance.

New Ways to Utilize Your Online Giving Platform for Events

A lot of parishes hold monthly fundraising dinners in order to bring in extra funds for ministry. But just because restrictions are still in place to keep COVID-19 at bay, doesn’t mean that you need to cancel that spaghetti dinner.

Trust in Following God

Sometimes it’s easy to want to know what will happen next. It helps us feel in control. The readings this weekend invite us to a different path, however, one where we are invited to say “yes” to the One who loves us, even if we don’t know all the answers.

Christ Is Anything but Ordinary

We’re about to dive into week two of Ordinary Time, and we need to admit, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, things are indeed looking more ordinary.

The Best (Free!) Creative Programs You Need in Your Life Right Now

Gone are the days where a simple flyer produced in PowerPoint was the norm. Now, your parishioners expect to see lively colors, engaging images, and beautiful fonts. Think you don’t have the time or the money to produce these? Think again.

When God Whispers

It would be nice if God always gave us a dramatic sign when He wanted something — the booming voice and the torn-open heavens really get the message across. Sometimes I find myself envious of the Apostles, who were able to witness such things in person.

The Role of Invitation in Evangelization

Andrew's willingness to evangelize brought Peter to become a disciple of the Lord. Andrew's love for Peter moved him to share the truth and joy he had found. How blessed to have someone care enough to step out in faith and share the life found only in Jesus.

The Best Church Subject Lines You Aren’t Using

As technology advances, and parishes become more and more reliant on electronic communications, it’s necessary to become more creative when writing and sending out important (and not-so-important!) emails to parishioners, visitors and potential members.

The Gift of Family

How we feel today about dealing with a killer virus and all the chaos surrounding that is still fresh for all. Hopefully, even if the fears and concerns of 2020 dissipate in the future, the way we feel toward our family should never leave us.