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Church Branding for Beginners

Branding commonly refers to the distinctive design your church uses to display, promote, and advertise yourselves. Did you know that many churches we meet with don’t have a unique brand for their parish? Here’s a simple guide to parish branding!

Do We Watch Jesus from a Distance?

We can only speculate as to what the original intentions of the wealthy tax collector were. We know he wanted to see Jesus, of course — but what does that mean? Was he simply curious about this famous and controversial man? Was he moved by what he heard of Jesus’ teachings? Was he trying to catch a glimpse, or to get close?

Do you REALLY want to know?

Jesus told us that the world would one day come to an end. He describes some of what we will see in this Sunday’s Gospel. Some people make it their personal ambition to attempt to determine precisely WHEN this event will take place. But is it necessary to know?

Church Graphics Our Designers Loved Making — 2022 Edition

We asked our designers to share about the pieces they most enjoyed making over this past year and compiled them into this blog so you could get a little behind-the-scenes view of who your LPi design team is and see their favorite designs!

More Than a Buzzword

If you roll your eyes at the mention of the term stewardship, it’s probably because, in the modern Church, stewardship has become something of a corporate buzzword. It’s often used interchangeably with the concepts of financial endowment and volunteerism.

Living Hope

At the end of each liturgical year, the readings and prayers of the liturgy invite us to turn our gaze toward the future. But this sort of living for the future that the liturgy is inviting us to is hard work, which demands perseverance.

Take Your Church Flyer Game Higher

In this blog we outline a few best practices, give you some examples, and share about a template tool that can save you loads of time when it comes to creating the most effective flyers for your church’s events!

A Little Man’s Way to Jesus

What do you suppose drove Zacchaeus to go out and look for Jesus? As the chief tax collector, he was hated by the people who considered him a traitor and a crook. However, something compelled him to climb up a tree to get a glimpse of Jesus.

Sparking Holiness

As the seasons change, a lot of us like to clean out our homes and unload some of the junk we’ve acquired over the summer. One trendy approach to decluttering is the Marie Kondo method, named after the author who popularized it. As you do so, you hold up the items and ask yourself: “Does it spark joy?”

Writing a Social Media Calendar for Your Parish

One strategy important to employ when using social media is to develop a posting calendar for your parish. Let’s talk about best practices, tips, and tools that LPi has for you to get your social media calendar set up for success!