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The Precious Gift Of Life

What does it mean to be pro-life? It means that every human being is precious and that the measure of the moral goodness of our society is whether those lives — without qualification — are welcomed and given an opportunity to flourish.

The “Benefits” of a Difficult Conversation

As a pastor, you’re bound to run into some uncomfortable situations. Whether that be with a parishioner who is unhappy with the quality of the music, or a staff member feeling burned out and showing it, sometimes you need to have difficult conversations.

Embracing Obedience

While many of us have learned to maintain our composure, we know that deep within, there flows a river of molten negativity that monastic spirituality calls grumbling.

Be Sure to Look the Part

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we certainly do not want to fake it, but we do need to look the part. The world looks at those of us who proclaim to be Christians to see if there is anything to this way of life. Can the world see the power of Christ in you?

What the Coronavirus is Teaching Churches About Evangelization

For parishes that haven’t focused as intently as they should have on evangelization, COVID-19 was a complete wake up call. The health pandemic taught parishes that they needed a back-up plan and ways to connect with members using as many digital methods as possible.

A Sign of Contradiction

God is speaking directly to our hearts to call on Him in our disrupted plans and to seek Him not as some far-off deity, but as the God who is near and who is deeply invested in our lives.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What gifts or talents are needed for the task at hand? Where is God leading me? No one should have to decide the answers to these questions alone. We need to always lean on the Body of Christ to help us see the path that God has laid before us.

Church Technology Trends of 2020 … So Far

Never has there been such an incredible amount of technology use by Catholic Churches than the beginning of 2020. In one gigantic push, livestreamed Masses, online giving, and Zoom staff meetings were suddenly the new way of doing things … and we’re only halfway through 2020.

The Blessing of the Community

It is a natural tendency for human beings to desire belonging to something bigger than themselves. Communities are in many ways living organisms that move and breathe based upon the individuals who form that body. A community is truly the sum of its parts.

Forgiving from Your Heart

Most people have faced situations where they struggle to let go of bitterness, anger, or resentment in their lives. Feeling if they forgive this person, then there are no consequences; they let this person “off the hook.” Not so, says the Lord.