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Give it All Back

Pop culture has given us a unique idea of the term justice. Justice is about taking. Taking what’s owed. Taking revenge. But when you remember the presence of an all-loving and all-merciful God, it turns our gunslinging sense of justice on its head.

Jesus Healed Me! Let Me Tell You All About It!

Those whom Jesus heals cannot help but go around telling everyone they meet about the powerful prophet who restored them to health. For them, telling the story of Jesus' healing power is part of the healing process itself.

You Don’t Need a Professional Camera to Take Great Photos

The smartphone has reimagined what we can share with our community. If you have yet to start taking photos of the best moments of your church, now is the time to start. Check out some fundamental tips for taking images that are worthy of being shared!

Submission as Stewardship

God has granted us that freedom with the salvation He offers. We are no longer the slaves of sin. Now He asks us to be subordinate to one another, in the name of Christ. That’s the real challenge of stewardship, isn’t it? Subordination.

True Disciples of Jesus

Rules and traditions are incredibly important, but we have to be sure that we don’t become so fixated on the details of traditions or teachings that we risk losing sight of what is most important: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Copyright Violations are a Big Deal — Here’s Why

From large corporations like Disney or Amazon, to local creators selling content on Etsy shops, copying, sharing or utilizing without images or content permission can be a big deal. Here is the lowdown on copyright violations, and why (and how!) you should avoid them.


WWJD bracelets were all the rage about 25 years ago in Christian circles. I’ve always wondered if a WWMD bracelet might not make just as much sense, and maybe more. What Would Mary Do? I would argue that Mary was the most exemplary steward who ever lived.

The God of Choices

God lets us choose Him. He does not trick us. He does not lie in wait. He does not blackmail or entrap us. His authority over us is the kind that never chafes, because it is entirely divorced from the concept of power. The choice to obey is ours.

Instagram & Your Parish (Social Media Summer Series)

Popular with bloggers, influencers, and riddled with hashtags, with a little bit of intentionality, your church’s content can be sought-after. Here are some easy and engaging ways to make Instagram work for your parish.

Believing and Rejoicing

How easily we can falter to believe, looking for signs and wonders as caveats of believing. Obstacles against seeing and accepting the truth of God’s promises fulfilled can mount daily if we fail to view the world with the eyes of a heart willing to see God at work.