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You Don’t Have What It Takes — but You Will

But even that big, giant, stop-you-dead-in-your tracks Reason Why We Can’t was nothing, because God had a plan. He didn’t call a bunch of equipped men. He called them, and He equipped them. Cue the tongues of fire!

Worship and Doubt

Worship is a relationship, not a transaction. When Jesus instructed his followers to make disciples of all nations, “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you,” he knew that sometimes they would have to rely on the muscle memory of worship.

Easy Ways to Turn Long-term Visitors into Faithful Parishioners

Our parish require a sense of rootedness, and the financial support, that comes with a devoted membership. If you’re wondering how to turn some of those familiar faces into members of your parish family, here are tips for easy ways to start.

There’s No Place Like Home

There’s a feeling that we have when we’re at home. Our bodies seem to recognize it when we walk in the door. There’s a relaxation that kicks in, a peace that falls over us. I think that’s what Heaven will be like.

The Power of Pentecost

On Pentecost, we celebrate the birthday of the Church, that glorious moment the Holy Spirit “appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them.” In the Holy Spirit, God dwells not just among us but within us.

Is a Social Media Management Platform Right for your Parish?

These days, the Internet really is the public square. When deciding what kind of social media presence your parish wants to curate, there are important points to keep in mind that have to do with demographics, accountability, ease of use and more.

Choosing to Love One Another

Love one another. The greatest commandment, the simplest commandment — and if you’ve ever loved anyone, you know it’s also the hardest. How often do we take a moment to consider the action Jesus is asking us to take and the choice he is asking us to make?

The Good News of Transformation

The day-to-day challenges of life find us struggling with our incompleteness. Our unenlightened and dimly lit eyes fail to see the beauty of what is yet to be. Imagine how differently we would feel and how creative we would become if we gave more attention to who we are becoming!

New Ways to Recruit Parish Volunteers

Instead of only sending out the call for the usual suspects, it’s time to focus on expanding our view of parishioner recruitment to help evangelizing in other crucial ways, both inside and outside our walls. Here are just a few scenarios you may not have considered.

Dare To Go to the Fringes

Like Benedict’s monks and the Apostles, each of us is called to do our part in realizing this mission, but we are also called to reach across the boundaries — whatever form they might take — and invite others to join us in living out this mission.