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If Heaven were like Harvard

When you think about it, the virtues required to enter Heaven should be even closer within the grasp of those who never had to worry about where their food is coming from. The same is true for stewardship potential.

The Love We Are Called To

Christ did not become human to dominate others. He came to seek out the sick, the suffering, and the sinners. He came not only to instruct and heal us, but he suffered the cruelest death imaginable to open heaven to those who would believe.

How Facebook Stories Can Work for Your Parish

As Facebook and its metrics move more towards “pay for play” advertising methods, parishes without a marketing budget need to find other ways to engage and inspire followers. A great tool that you may not be using is Facebook Stories.

Therein lies the…rib

“If I were God…” is a dangerous way to start a sentence, but how many of us do this? Probably more regularly than we would like to admit. Where is the rib you are missing today? What are the opportunities God has set before you?

“Amazed, Astonished, Impossible … but …”

Many of us can resonate with the response of these disciples — ‘amazed,’ and ‘exceedingly astonished,’ or from another perspective, shocked and perplexed — because they are our very own responses today when Jesus teaches.

Tips to Keeping Your Church Office Organized

With so much to do and so little time to devote, keeping your parish office organized and up to date can be a struggle. But with a few simple tips, and easy-to-use office platforms, you can transform any chaotic office into a streamlined operation.

The Rib of Adam and the Body of Christ

Ten years ago, I wasn’t brave enough for Genesis, chapter two. A decade of marriage has shown me that this Scripture passage is not about subservience at all, but about belonging — and not just belonging within a marriage, but within the entire Body of Christ.

Breaking the Stewardship Mold

Have you noticed how we always tend to pigeonhole one another? Thinking like this is a good indication that we aren’t in conversation with God. If we have already decided what we are and are not meant to do, we aren’t likely to pray over it.

Does Your Church Need a Communication Crew?

There has never been a more vital time to communicate the good news of your parish than there is today. From community outreach to fellowship with parishioners, so much is happening in your parish. If you have yet to create a marketing team, now is the time.

The View from the Back of the Line

Have you known that person? The one who leaves every person they encounter feeling a little more blessed for having met them? We wonder how they do it, how they have it in them. We’re a little envious, even if we don’t let ourselves acknowledge it.