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Hope for the Resurrection of Our Bodies

In this last year we've all been reminded of our mortality as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept over the world. But as part of the Body of Christ, there is a hope that awaits our mortal bodies, and to see it, we need look no further than this Sunday's readings!

Eye Has Not Seen

The Apostle Thomas, who couldn’t bring himself to accept that Jesus had risen from the dead without seeing him, is such an utterly relatable figure in the Gospels. He’s not believing the hype. He’s going to be the only judge of what is real and what is fiction.

The Best Catholic Podcasts You’re Not Listening To

Catholic podcasts are cropping up everywhere these days, with topics that range from the broad to the niche, and with focuses that can appeal to all the faithful, no matter their life stage. Here are ten Catholic podcasts worth a listen.

A Happy Ending Isn’t the Whole Story

If we learned anything from Holy Week — from the Passion and death of the Lord — it’s that we can’t press fast-forward on the hardships of life. That tension, that loss, that fear — it’s crucial, isn’t it? As Catholics, we are who we are because of Easter. But Easter doesn’t happen without Good Friday.

Blessed Are the Believers

In this Divine Mercy Sunday's Gospel, John presents two encounters of the Apostle Thomas coming to embrace the Good News and believe. Let us put ourselves into the Scripture, remembering we have all experienced "doubting-Thomas" moments.

Pastors: How to Tell Your Story Through the Homily

Congregations appreciate being invited into their pastor’s personal experiences, but sharing your conversion story, background, and life experiences can be an intimidating task. Here are five tips for sharing your story through the homily

It’s a Game Changer

When Jesus was transfigured before his disciples’ eyes, he stood before them. Now that he has risen from the dead his resurrected presence is within them! This is not something that comes as the result of a request, it is simply a gift.

Walk Every Step with Christ

It’s okay for us to be excited for Easter. We’ve waited so long, after all. In my opinion it’s one of the best feelings there is: the yearning we have in our hearts for the Resurrection as we embark on Palm Sunday. But my friends, we must keep our feet on the ground.

How Your Parish Can Help Families Instill the Importance of Giving

The time is now for children to learn the importance of stewardship because they are hearing plenty of counterproductive messages. Here are some ways you can help families at your parish teach children to look outside of themselves, helping to cultivate a generation of stewards for tomorrow.

A Call Away from Indifference

The inconvenience, discomfort, sadness, and pain we may feel if we open our hearts and pay attention to what is happening in and to the world around us are the only real antidote to indifference, because those feelings should call us to action.